Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji: Season 3

Oct. 01, 1992
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Twenty years have passed and the Chojin has been prematurely born. He summons Jyaku Amano to protect him and to help to discover what has happened, sending Jyaku forth to search for the evil born in the east. Unfortunately a new race called the Makemono (Demon-Beasts) have arisen following the apocalypse, ruled over by the fanatical cyborg Caesar and his mysterious comrade “Faust”. It is apparent they are the cause behind these events and intend to resurrect the Kyō-Ō.

Jyaku, along with the Makemono Buju and Caesar’s traitorous daughter Alector, need to stop the two dictators from ruling the land of eternity. The question is, who will succeed?

  • There are still no episodes this season