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  • Cool Devices Episode 7

Cool Devices: 1x7

Cool Devices Episode 7

Yellow Star (イエロースター Ierōsutā) – Ayana’s mother marries a famous detective and introduce him to Ayana. The detective is mysterious and furtive, a ‘hero’ in local media, who had been following the distribution of an illegal drug, called “yellow star”, which is a mild hallucinogen, paralyzing agent, and aphrodisiac. Ayana brags about how big her new father is to her boyfriend, Kohei. The detective is revealed to be corrupt, killing a competitor on a train by placing an explosive device near him. He thanks two shadowy figures who provided him with both the explosive and “yellow star”. He grows close to Ayana and hatches various plans. It becomes apparent that the detective is buying a steady supply of the illegal drug as part of a long-term strategy to sexually abuse his stepdaughter. The abuse escalates as Ayana herself becomes addicted to Yellow Star, unable to refuse her new father’s increasingly violent sexual fantasies. Ayana’s abuse culminates in her gang rape at the hands of her stepfather and two well-endowed drug manufacturers. After the incident, Ayana realises the abuse will continue with more rape and drug abuse. She kills her stepfather and returns to a normal life with her boyfriend, Kohei. In the final scene, Ayana waits in a park for Kohei (who believes she remains a virgin for him) but is abducted before they can meet. The two men who kidnapped her are soon revealed to be the distributors of “yellow star” and force her into another abusive encounter with them. It is implied that their endless supply of Yellow Star will equate to Ayana’s endless gang-rape.

The character designer for this episode was Yasuomi Umetsu. It can be seen as a precursor to Kite.

In a scene cut from the original, the two Yellow Star manufacturers are shown to be demanding to engage in sexual activity with Ayana as their price for access to the drug.

Cool Devices Episode 7
Nov. 30, 1996