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  • Dragon Pink Episode 2

Dragon Pink: 1x2

Dragon Pink Episode 2

Santa and the gang use Pink as bait to defeat a kusarimame, a green monster that looks like a pile of goopy slime. With Pierce’s fire spell, the monster is destroyed and Santa gets a mid-level magic pearl worth a lot of Gorts. Pink pulls the cart from the forest where they fought the monster to the nearest town, where she slides down a hill and ends up ramming them all into a tree. In the process, Santa’s purse (which holds the pearl) was lost.

Upon arrival at the town of Gatashi, they decide to treat themselves to a fancy expensive dinner, except for Pink, who was fed cat food. When it comes time for the check, of course, Santa finds his wallet that held the Gorts and the pearl was gone. Pink is left as collateral and he goes to find some quick way to earn money. They then collect the “honey” of a Honeymoon Fairy (by dildo-ing the little fairy with a shroom), which is enough to buy Pink back.

When they return to the shop, however, the owner, thinking they had skipped town, has already gone and sold Pink! She is going to be sacrificed to the evil Water Goddess Yuarisla of a nearby town. Yuarisla usually enters her sacrifices and takes their life, but she decides to “play” with Pink before devouring her. Just as she finishes, though, Santa arrives in the nick of time to fight Yuarisla in both mortal and giant crab form. It is a tough battle but Bobo and Santa finally deliver the final blows to destroy Yuarisla and her gargoyles and successfully rescues Pink. When Pink commented that Santa came to save her, he replied he only saved Pink so he wouldn’t pay for sex when he can get if from Pink for free. Pink, infuriated with the remark, smashed Santa hard in the head.

Dragon Pink Episode 2
Jul. 21, 1995