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  • Minerva No Kenshi Episode 4

Minerva No Kenshi: 1x4

Minerva No Kenshi Episode 4

Meanwhile, back in Doria, in their desperate search for Dunan, the Guptans try to assassinate Teo, the new king. The siblings, Hanna, who is in love with Gupta’s prince Marlon, and Alberto nearly succeed in an assassination attempt but Teo’s slave Ulsra manages to save him.

Meanwhile, Sho and Diana are in another town where Diana manages to beat Gilman, a chess master and take his slave Shiera. After a night of training, the chess master wants to buy back Shiera. However, Sho tells Gilman there’s no need to pay and gladly gives Shiera back to him. Gilman also tells the couple of the assassination attempt. Sho and Diana quickly go back to Doria and start formulating a plan with the king’s adviser Imil. Fina is in love with Imil, who later becomes her master after she successfully seduces him. Sho and Diana become the new king and queen of Doria and, while Teo recovers, they must now travel to Gupta and settle the score.

Dec. 23, 1994