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  • Sakusei Byoutou Episode 5

Sakusei Byoutou: 1x5

Sakusei Byoutou Episode 5

Yamada runs around in the ward at night. Nurse Numagiri sees Yamada who is about to accuse the head nurse of her handful of insidious acts of bullying. Yamada tries to ask Mochizuki, who was at the nurse’s station, where the head nurse’s office is, and Numagiri caught by there. Numagiri takes Yamada and Mochizuki to the emergency staircase and orders the timid Mochizuki to force Yamada to perform the semen extraction procedure. Mochizuki, who is shy but lewd and has a perverted temperament, swallows the large amount of ejaculation from the strong blowjob and squirts her love juices to reach climax. Next, Numagiri forces her virgin Mochizuki to have sex with Yamada. “Next time, let’s put our dick in Mochizuki-chan’s virgin pussy!”

Sakusei Byoutou Episode 5
Apr. 28, 2023